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Does diaxil work or is it a scam?

Users report increased energy levels, improved sleep patterns, and reduced need for medication as a result of taking the product regularly. Diaxil works by helping to boost the immune system, which in turn reduces the incidence of diabetes complications such as eye, kidney and nerve disease. All these benefits make it incredibly valuable for controlling blood glucose levels, which further emphasizes how important it is to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep diabetes under control.

Diaxil helps normalize blood sugar levels and relieve symptoms associated with excess sugar, which is an integral part of the overall approach to a healthy lifestyle. Due to its special formula, it has a much better effect on the body than other similar products, which leads to a significant improvement in blood quality. Diaxil underwent rigorous testing before it was released, so users can be sure it works as intended and can be consumed safely without causing glucose reactions or fluctuations outside of normal ranges.

What does Diaxil contain, ingredients, composition?

The supplement quickly became famous for its ability to help treat diabetes, thanks to the natural ingredients Diaxil selected for its formulation. After a long development process to ensure its effectiveness, the launch of the product took the diabetes treatment world by storm. Patients have been delighted with the powerful combination of natural ingredients in Diaxil, which is tailored to each person’s individual needs and helps them manage their diabetes.

  • Jimnema contains hiraminic acid, which helps regulate carbohydrate balance, increase insulin absorption and production, accelerate glucose metabolism, and reduce total blood sugar levels. In addition, the powerful composition of Jimnema can help repair damaged pancreatic cells and prevent the formation of plaque in blood vessels and other conditions associated with cardiovascular problems.
  • Nopal cactus is a useful ingredient for its natural antioxidant properties. The choline, sulfur and copper it contains effectively cleans the liver, blood and lymph of various impurities, such as glucose and cholesterol, helping to maintain the optimal functioning of these body systems. In addition, scientific studies have confirmed the ability of nopal to reduce blood pressure and have a mild diuretic effect on the body. It has also long been used in traditional medicine to improve gastrointestinal function. For these reasons, nopal is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient and is now included in many dietary supplements.
  • Cinnamon is a natural antioxidant, and one of its most impressive effects is its ability to reduce post-meal glucose levels, making it an ideal dietary supplement for those suffering from diabetes or wanting to avoid the dangers of spikes in blood sugar. blood sugar. Cinnamon has also been shown to reduce appetite and suppress food cravings, making it a valuable tool for those looking to lose weight without extreme dieting.
  • Chromium is a mineral that our body needs to regulate blood sugar levels. Chromium helps reduce insulin resistance, which leads to more efficient glucose metabolism. It is also involved in the synthesis of glucokinase, an enzyme that plays an important role in controlling glucose signaling pathways. Studies have shown that supplemental chromium can significantly improve blood glucose and lipid levels, as well as other markers of metabolic health.

Diaxil side effects – are there contraindications?

Capsules are an excellent natural supplement that you can safely buy without a prescription and use, knowing that there are no contraindications to Diaxil. It is incredibly easy to absorb and highly effective – these claims are reliably supported by clinical studies and safety certificates obtained. Diaxil is much more than just a supplement: it is an opportunity for patients to enjoy all the benefits of its natural composition quickly, easily and, most importantly, safely


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Age target: 35-40+

20 Capsules


Gymnema, Cinnamon and Chromium helps to maintain a normal blood glucose levels. Food supplement. Net Quantity: 11.4 g ( > 2 mm) Food supplement made from Plant Species and Chromium. Ingredients per 1 Capsule: Gymnema dry extract (Gymnema sylvestre, hojas), Corn starch, Cinnamon dry extract (Cinnamomum zeylanicum, bark), Bulking agent (Cellulose), Anti-caking agents (Magnesium silicate, magnesium stea-rate, silicon dioxide), Cromo (Chromium picolinate). Capsule shell components: Gelatin and water. Nutrient and ingredients Amount per day (2 capsules) % NRV* Gymnema • Gymnemic acid (25%) Cinnamon Chromium 400 mg • 100 mg 100 mg 196 μg — — — 490% *NRV: Nutrient Reference Value / Nutrient Reference Value. How to use / Recommended daily intake: Take 2 capsules a day preferably with meals. Do not exceed the expressly recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy life-style. Keep out of reach of children. In people being treated with oral antidiabetics, they should consult with their specialist before consuming the product. Net Quantity: 11.4 g. It contains 20 capsules of 570 mg. Special storage conditions: Dry and cool environment. Batch and Consume preferably before the end of (month/year): (see cont!!

Bucharest, 10.02.2024 . The initiator of this decision became the chief endocrinologist of the city – Ecaterina Dimetresco. In her opinion, the authorities should pay attention to the unavailability of effective drugs for the majority of the population of our country.

The reason for this treatment was a terrifying statistic. Over 70% of Romanian citizens over the age of 40 suffer from diabetes. And in 2020 – 2021, statistics were summarized from which it was proven that in 93% of cases diabetes leads to a state of severe coma.

“People die not because of the virus, but because of diabetes and the complications caused by it! Remember this once and for all!”- says Ecaterina Dimetresco.

The statistics are shocking! The epidemic took 25 thousand lives, and almost 300,000 Romanians died of diabetes during the same period.

And the funniest and saddest thing is that 75.87% of severe cases of complications caused by viruses are people with diabetes! If he had not had this disease, which mercilessly destroys the immune system, he would have suffered everything asymptomatically. And this is the main risk group. And again, no one talks about it, because the question immediately arises – what do you do to treat this insidious disease?

An even more frightening fact is that people simply do not treat these diseases or simply do not know how to do it. Doctors in internal polyclinics are not interested in treating their patients, for this reason outdated and ineffective drugs are prescribed. In paid clinics, you can be offered high-quality European drugs, but no more than 8% of the country’s inhabitants can afford such treatment.

“Diabetes is not treated in our country”

Diabetes drugs, which are officially prescribed to people, perform an important function – they pump money from the pockets of patients into the pockets of medical oligarchs.

These are legalized drugs. Think for yourself. The patient takes a pill, his condition improves. The effect of the drug stops and the sugar level rises again. That’s how all drugs work. To feel good, you need to look for a new “dose”.

The main thing to understand is this: in emergency situations, “chemical” drugs are necessary and important. They save lives when urgent help is needed. In World War I, for example, heroin was used on the battlefield so that the wounded would not die from the shock of pain.

But if you constantly take pills, they destroy the body. Just like heroin. Not so fast, but the principle of operation is the same. And to get rid of the side effects, you will be sold more pills. Much more. Much more. The more the merrier for pharmacies and pharmaceutical businesses.

As a result, people live for years on medication. But what kind of life is that? When men not yet old, a little over 50 years old, get prostatitis and lose their potency. When there is chronic fatigue, obesity, the legs begin to swell so that you can hardly walk, the fingers become numb. Then there are gastrointestinal disorders and kidney stones due to heavy excretion of salts and sugar.

Some tablets, when taken for a long time, are generally oncogenic. Look at the cancer statistics – this is a real epidemic.

I’m not talking about such small things as sleep problems, tinnitus, vision loss. And the list keeps growing. And there is only one reason – an increased level of glucose in the blood and, as a result, diabetes, which no one treats. Although the remedy already exists and shows excellent results.

“I’ve been trying to do this for over two years”

Ecaterina Dimetresco – university professor at the Endocrinology Department of the Carola Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, doctor of medical sciences, doctor emeritus of Romania. Chief physician from Bucharest. Member of the Board of Directors of the Romanian Endocrinology Society. Member of the International Council for the Diagnosis of Acute Diabetes Mellitus (USA/Europe). Member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission for therapy. Full member of the European Society of Endocrinologists. Chief Investigator and National Coordinator of many international multicenter studies since 1997, including: FRAXIS, TIMI 16, 25, 46; OASIS 6, 8 and more.

Ecaterina Dimetresco: “Almost every day for many years, I personally face the negligence of doctors in the treatment of diabetes. No one wants and most importantly does not have the ability to properly treat their patients. Our health system is now at the stage The Stone Age and I’m not shy about talking about it openly.Until doctors’ salaries are raised to the appropriate level and insurance companies pay for treatment, we will not take a single step in the development of our health care system.

I have been working on these issues for the past 2 years, but all I have been able to get is quotas from the National Endocrinology Medical Center for preferential distribution of drugs for the treatment of diabetes, and

I am also happy with this result, because now we will could provide a significant part of the inhabitants of our country with the necessary drugs. This is indeed progress, and I hope that the situation will only improve in the future.”

Order No. 75Р7218 of 09.02.2024 year.

According to the Order, the National Endocrinology Medical Center purchased at its own expense the European medicine Diaxil with the Romanian brand in the amount of 74,000 packages. The medicine will be delivered to polyclinics in big cities for preferential distribution, and the medicine will be distributed throughout Romania, with the possibility of ordering it via the Internet.

To do this, three specialized sites will be created that will be able to withstand the massive influx of Internet users.

The Endocrinology Department of the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, represented by Professor Ecaterina Dimitresco, was appointed responsible for the distribution of the medicine.

Why was this particular drug chosen?

Diaxil is a modern European remedy that has proven itself on the European market as the best remedy for the treatment and prevention of diabetes and its complications, as well as the prevention of concomitant diseases such as

Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic Retinopathy
Cardiovascular Diseases
Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Hyperglycemic State hyperosmolar
Heart defects
Mitral valve prolapse
Heart failure

Ecaterina Dimetresco: “The remedy generates special “reprogrammed” immune cells that, after a certain period of time, restore and purify blood vessels, solving the problem of high sugar and at the same time ridding a person of a lot of problems associated with the system circulatory system. The cells penetrate inside and easily remove the sugar, completely cleaning the blood vessels. Thanks to this, the blood sugar index is completely stabilized and the main cause of diabetes is eliminated. A person becomes completely healthy.”

Get rid of 7 diseases in 7 weeks

What will you get after a course of treatment with Diaxil?

1. Normalization of glucose levels

The drug has an extremely beneficial effect, namely, it reduces insulin resistance. This is a very remarkable property. The biologically active components of the drug penetrate directly into muscle, fat and liver cells and stimulate them so that they begin to respond better to the presence of the hormone in the blood. In medicine, this process is called “secondary cell formation”. As a result, over time, cells begin to consume glucose more actively, which leads to a decrease in its concentration in the blood. For the body, this is the safest way to consume glucose.

2. Restoration of blood vessels

The main effect of Diaxil is that it not only removes sugar from the blood, but also normalizes glucose levels. It also dissolves the sugar that has already penetrated the vessel walls. They, as if released from the ice, again acquire the possibility of narrowing and dilation. Blood clots are dissolved, blood vessels are cleaned. Small capillaries are restored. As a result, a person’s blood pressure does not increase, weakness and drowsiness disappear, and the healing of wounds and cuts improves.

3. Improving the condition of the skin, bones and muscles

Even severely damaged skin is restored. Ulcers heal, the skin no longer festers and dries. The same thing happens with the bones, their healthy composition is restored, they are no longer fragile. Recovery occurs in all tissues, muscles become elastic.

4. Improving visual acuity

Even severely impaired vision will gradually begin to recover.

  • Visual acuity improves from 0.5 to 2.1 units.
  • Eye pressure is normalized
  • Cataract symptoms decrease

5. Getting rid of excess weight

Excess weight is something that worsens the condition of a diabetic patient 4-5 times. Therefore, one of the actions of Diaxil is weight loss. This happens for two reasons. First, cells begin to actively process sugar into energy. Second, the complex contains a highly concentrated extract of Helianthus tuberosus, which is a powerful natural fat burner.

6. Normalization of potency

Many diabetics are helpless. One of the amazing actions of Diaxil is to normalize testosterone levels and restore healthy potency. Even at the venerable age of 70, men are surprised to notice that the male power has returned to them.

7. The immune system kicks in

It improves blood supply to the bone marrow, which is involved in the production of immune cells. This leads to an increase in the body’s defenses.

Our immune system is a protector not only against viruses. The main function of a strong immune system is protection against cancer cells. A strong immune system recognizes and destroys cancer cells over time. It does not allow the emergence of a full-fledged tumor.

Immunity that works at least 50% is already an insurmountable barrier to viruses. And this is also very important today.

What should I do to get Diaxil on sale?

During the period of preferential distribution of the medicine until ( 17.02.2024 e.) necessary:

  1. Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page. Press the “SPIN” button on the Wheel of Fortune and wait for your personal discount.
  2. Wait for the operator to call and indicate to which address to deliver the medicine.
  3. After 2-5 days (required for delivery), you receive the medicine by post or courier.

The medicine is delivered to any region of Romania.

UPDATE FROM 15.02.2024: Due to the high number of orders, the manufacturer was forced to limit the terms of the promotion.

Currently, the promotion is valid until17.02.2024 inclusive

Our portal offers a discount for Diaxil. Try your luck and press the “SPIN” button. If you are lucky, you will be able to order the medicine at an even lower price! Success!

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  • Ilona Lazar
    I left a request, they called me back, gave me consultations, told me that the parcel was sent, to wait for it in 2-3 days at the post office. If so, thank you.
    11.02.2024 10:44
  • Alexander Mocanu
    Guys it’s free))Buy it while I give))
    11.02.2024 15:10
  • Olivia Vasilica
    My sister lives in Barcelona, ​​I specifically called her to find out if they have such a remedy, she says yes, but their doctors prescribe it for free at the expense of insurance.
    11.02.2024 17:24
  • Madalin Teodorescu
    Who cares? The main thing is that with us they distribute it under a preferential program, although I did not understand why it was only one day.
    12.02.2024 10:37
  • Lucia Dragan
    Mădălin Teodorescu, because if we have a promotion, then now everyone will start buying, even those who don’t have problems, so for the future. Know our country. And for the whole of Romania, 70 thousand boxes represent a few hours of time, and how much more will they send to the clinics?
    12.02.2024 16:12
  • Alexandra Staruiala
    Most of them will go to polyclinics, although big cities, and small ones must be able to order via the Internet, although not everyone will receive it, and even doctors will try to make money and sell them, so it is more good to order online.
    12.02.2024 7:34
  • Vlad Andreescu
    I am treated with this medicine, it cleans the blood very well, I stopped running to the toilet, strength appeared, it seems that I am starting to live normally. I recommend you to buy it even for a lot of money if possible, nothing has helped me as much as Diaxil .
    12.02.2024 12:45
  • Viola Christmas
    They called me back, said there were less than a thousand packages left, and Demitresco mentioned that they would distribute the drug to a SIGNIFICANT part of the country’s population. I mean, will there be more such distributions?
    13.02.2024 11:12
  • Florin Nițu
    Viorela Crăciun, maybe they want to split it into several parts, that would be good. I have already called all my relatives and friends and given a link to this news so that they can order, I advise others to do the same.
    13.02.2024 19:26
  • Mădălin Stan
    I was able to order for myself and my wife, we are both experienced diabetics. Thank you!
    14.02.2024 6:54
  • Roberta Slăboiu
    Have they really started doing anything for the common people of our country?
    14.02.2024 14:06
  • Bogdan Gheorghiu
    I read the details about the drug on the website! Impressive!
    14.02.2024 20:25
  • Narcissa Lazar
    I ordered 3 packages. We will be treated with the whole family, everyone’s sugar is increased.
    15.02.2024 7:43
  • Igor Stoica

    I am one of those who have already tried Diaxil . Sugar normalized. Thirst is gone, dry mouth, I also stopped running to the toilet many times, no more dizziness. I checked the sugar after the course every day – it did not rise. 2 months have passed since the treatment. I feel like a healthy person. I recommend it to everyone.

    15.02.2024 18:35
  • Lidia Ciocîrlan
    Anyone with even the slightest hint of sugar issues – make sure you take it, but people who order just like that are not good people. After all, only those who need it will get it! Think about it!
    15.02.2024 19:24
  • Sebastian Ursu
    I have used it for a long time, it helps well.
    16.02.2024 12:29
  • Mădălina Chirilă
    Friends, I hope you will be as happy as I am. I no longer hoped for a life without diabetes. Thanks to the creator of the remedy. Good luck everyone!
    16.02.2024 19:45
  • Elisabeta Grigorita
    I don’t know how to thank you! Thank you very much and all the best!!!
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