Medicine at the level of the last century. The famous Romanian urologist told how Romanian doctors deceive men who want to treat prostatitis and prostate adenoma


Michael Johnson – the only holder of the official title ” The best urologist of 2019, Doctor of Medical Sciences

“People are evaluating our work,” Michael Johnson, who has worked as a urologist for 35 years, often likes to say.

Michael Johnson is one of the few doctors who does not accept lying in the field of medicine and strives to help those in need, but not to get rich on their account.

This is why we are alarmed by his statements about Romanian medicine in the field of treating male urological conditions. He traveled through 27 counties of Romania. And what he saw in the clinics shocked him. Michael Johnson claims that the TREATMENT METHODS OF PROSTATITIS IN ROMANIA ARE OUTDATED AND IT IS NO WONDER THAT 95% OF MEN OVER THE AGE OF 50 SUFFER FROM THIS CONDITION.

For comparison, in Hungary, statistics on the incidence of prostatitis in men over the age of 50 are much lower – only 31%.

Despite his busy schedule, Michael Johnson agreed to answer our reporter’s questions and explain why he considers the treatment methods of prostatitis and prostate adenoma that are used everywhere in Romania to be unacceptable.

– Mr. Johnson, in a recent speech you claimed that all urologists in Romania are frauds, and the treatment methods of prostatitis in Romania have no future. Could you comment on your statements?

– Of course. First of all, I want to apologize to the people who were offended by these statements. However, this issue must resonate. Let everyone know about her. Otherwise, nothing will change.

Terrible things are happening in the field of urology in Romania. Especially, everything related to treatments for prostatitis and prostate adenoma. In Romania, remedies are used that lost their relevance 20-30 years ago.

I’m probably going to surprise you, but nowhere in the world is PROSTATITIS NO LONGER CONSIDERED A CHRONIC DISEASE AND IT CAN BE TREATED SIMPLY! All over the world, but not here.

Doctors in Romania torture their patients with humiliating sessions of rectal massage of the prostate, physiotherapy procedures: galvanization, electrophoresis, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, dangerous antibiotics.

These painful, expensive and dangerous methods do not treat prostatitis, it continues to develop. Antibiotics kill pathogenic bacteria for a short period of time. They multiply again in 1-2 months. And prostatitis appears after a period. In fact, it didn’t even disappear. Finally, from stage 1 prostatitis goes to stage 2, 3, 4…

Potency problems cause problems in the relationship with the partner. Pain occurs, urination disorders, reproductive function disorders, THE RISK OF PROSTATE CANCER DEVELOPMENT APPEARS. Prostate cancer is one of the most serious male diseases, with a high mortality rate.

This is how it happens that instead of curing their patients, Romanian doctors cause them suffering and even death.

The situation is quite alarming. I simply cannot remain silent, as many Romanian doctors do, including those whom I deeply respect.

Four stages of prostatitis development. The higher the inflammation, the higher the cancer risk. In the absence of timely treatment, cancer occurs in 89% of cases. Careful! PROSTATITIS MUST BE TREATED!

– Why is medicine in Romania so backward?

– Because no one cares about anything! The state clinics are staffed by old or young doctors who do not know their profession. The other doctors left for private clinics. However, it is not in their interest to cure their patients, or to allow them to treat themselves independently. They will lose the profit. It is much more profitable to prescribe rectal massage sessions, procedures with devices to pay as much money as possible, to prescribe antibiotics with a temporary effect so that the patient returns again.

All doctors who prescribe correct treatments are fired. But it is not easy at all to find a new job. This is why everyone is silent. They have families, children. Some of them are not even interested in modern methods of treatment, they prescribe the drugs imposed by their superiors, receiving rather fat bonuses on top of their salary. They don’t care about people.

Unfortunately, medicine in Romania has become very corrupt. I have traveled to many countries, but I have not seen such chaos as in Romania… It is simply terrible, I feel sorry for the Romanian people and the situation in which they have to survive.

– How is prostatitis treated in developed countries?

You need to know what is the cause of prostatitis. In 2003, scientists from Denmark demonstrated that the main cause of prostatitis is the disorder of circulation in the pelvic organs. In this area there are many thin capillaries. They feed the prostate. With age, or due to harmful factors, these capillaries become clogged and the blood can no longer circulate.

The prostate (which produces 18 vital male hormones) begins to lack the necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen. A process of stasis takes place. The secretion accumulates in the tissues of the gland. Bacteria develop in it. The gland becomes inflamed. Inflammation of the gland is called acute prostatitis. Accumulation of secretion – chronic prostatitis.

Thus, we can understand what we need to do to defeat prostatitis. We don’t have to kill bacteria with dangerous antibiotics, as doctors do in So we can understand what we have to do to beat prostatitis. We must not kill the bacteria with the help of dangerous antibiotics, as doctors in Romania do, but remove the stagnation process. In other words, it is necessary to normalize the blood supply to the prostate.

The complex circulatory system of the prostate. Blockage of at least 5% of capillaries increases the risk of prostatitis by up to 60%

In 2007, scientists discovered that plant alkaloids, flavonoids and anthocyanins clean the capillaries in the pelvic area and regulate the functioning of the male genital organs. In nature it is found abundantly in the structure of the Maca plant. This substance penetrates cholesterol molecules (that is, it clogs blood vessels, having the consistency of melted butter) and destroys them from the inside. Thus, the dishes are cleaned. Especially the small capillaries in the pelvic area.

It has been proven in practice, including in our clinic, that treatment with alpha-hydroxy retinol completely cures prostatitis (removes stasis processes, normalizes circulation in the prostate). But what does complete healing mean? This means that in the coming years, prostatitis will not appear again. Persistent pain is eliminated, inflammation is reduced, erection and urination are normalized. The man makes a full recovery.

This is the essence of modern treatment for prostatitis, practiced today in most countries of the world.

– Are there no medicines containing maca extract in Romania? What advice do you have for Romanian men?

– I’m going to surprise you again. In Romania THERE IS SUCH MEDICINE! Moreover, it was created right in our country, only nobody needs it. I cannot say, but it seems that pharmaceutical companies in Romania, in search of profit, are putting pressure on the necessary driving levers, thus preventing Prostasen from being launched on pharmacy shelves. We very much hope that sooner or later the remedy will become known not only in narrow circles.

The product is called  Prostasen  and contains the most powerful natural potency boosters:

Maca extract

Increases testosterone production by 3-4 times, which improves potency and allows a man to stay young for longer

Nettle extract

Normalizes urination, quickly stops inflammation of the prostate

Pumpkin seed extract

Raises prostate immunity. Prevents the reappearance of pathogenic microflora.

Serenoa fruit extract

It helps to eliminate infectious, inflammatory, tumor processes and changes in the prostate.

– So, this medicine can be bought in Romania? Is it sold in pharmacies?

– Although it is a Romanian medicine, you cannot buy it in pharmacies. Incredible. Bureaucracy in Romania cannot be eradicated. As far as I know, the manufacturer tried to get it on drugstore shelves, but they wouldn’t let him. No one wants people to recover and treat themselves at home. Neither the doctors nor the pharmacies.

But we also have good news for all Romanian men. They can receive  Prostasen  online, through the Romanian Post Office with a 50% DISCOUNT! The purpose of this campaign is to help men. It is delivered to any corner of Romania.


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– How long will the promotion for this remedy last

– I found out that the University of Medicine and Pharmacy allocated a considerable batch of  Prostasen for this purpose . However, he is practically exhausted. Recently,  Prostasen  is becoming more and more popular. I think people have learned about its beneficial properties and are recommending it to others.

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