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Anti-aging serum. Active ingredient of Rechiol – bakuchiol – is a plant-based substitute of retinol. This phyto concentrate is produced from a rare plant Psoralea corylifolia in India. Bakuchiol enables production of types I, III and IV collagen and suppresses enzymes that disturb protein and cellular metabolism of the skin. It doesn’t only affect the surface of the epidermis, but also penetrates into the deep layers of the derm, enabling cellular renewal mechanism from inside. Active ingredients: Bakuchiol, PEPHA®-TIGHT, Collagen, Almond oil, Vitamin C, Licorice extract. NO local celebrities on creatives (landings, prelandings and banners)

The Anti-aging face and neck cream Rechiol helps your skin to look firmer and toned. The active ingredient Bakuchiol fights with skin aging changes. Collagen deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, reduces the first signs of aging and dryness. Using Rechiol cream on regular basis will make your skin soft and

A range of products. Rechiol Anti-Wrinkle Cream is the perfect solution to rejuvenate your skin. It is a natural product with proven origin and exceptional properties. Clinically proven that Rechiol stops the cell aging process and regulates their function. The product restores damaged cages and promotes healthy awakening. For one course of applying the cream, the number of wrinkles is reduced by 2 times. It is completely safe, easy to use, and most importantly, it has passed a number of clinical trials and is approved. It’s a great option for those with mature, combination, dry and normal skin, as it’s on the more hydrating side. What are the benefits of this innovative product?
    • Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. During the study, no side effects were detected.

    • It has a completely natural formula without hormonal and synthetic additives.

    • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines within two weeks. With prolonged use of this cream, your skin will look youthful, hydrated and wrinkle-free.

      Youth concentrate for your skin
      Perfect skin without wrinkles  in one month  of using RECHIOL cream 
      • corrects  wrinkles
      • Stretches  the contour of the face
      • synthesizes  its own collagen  and elastin
      • Restores  elasticity to the skin
      • The effect lasts  for a long time
      • Refuse  needles and surgery

      • Refuse  expensive procedures

      • No  change

      • Avoid  addiction and side effects

      After 25 years, age-related changes are inevitable:
      The production of collagen and elastin decreases 
      The skin loses  elasticity, becomes loose
      Deep wrinkles appear 
      collagen level

      Are you ready to deal with it?

      RECHIOL Botox effect without needles

      RECHIOL  cream  with Bakuchiol, vegetable retinol, stimulates the natural production of collagen, corrects wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and tightens the oval of the face. Contains a unique microalgae complex PEPHA®-TIGHT, which provides a long-lasting lifting effect.
      RECHIOL  professional care for home use
      Anti-aging cream  RECHIOL  has a cumulative effect, so you will enjoy perfectly smooth and youthful skin for a long time.

      Restoration of skin structure
      relaxation of facial muscles
      Smoothing wrinkles from the inside
      Synthesis of the skin’s own collagen and elastin
      Improving the appearance of the skin
      Increase in elasticity and density
      Formation of clear facial contours
      Moisturizing, nourishing and toning
      Active components for smoothing wrinkles
      natural components

      Bakuchiol  is a plant analogue of retinol. It has antiseptic properties, stimulates collagen synthesis, inhibits melanin production.

      collagen. Licorice extract  corrects wrinkles, tightens the oval of the face, prevents skin sagging, and generates new collagen fibers.

      Almond oil, vitamin C  moisturizes, cleanses, enriches the skin with vitamins, accelerates regeneration and eliminates unwanted pigmentation.

      PEPHA®-TIGHT  microalgae complex with long-term lifting effect. Reduces the number of wrinkles, protects the skin from external influences.

      Professional opinion
      Smooth skin without injections is a real boom in the beauty industry. This was achieved thanks to an innovative product — RECHIOL, an anti-aging cream. Patented micro-algae mineral complex corrects even age wrinkles. The effect is similar to Botox injections, without contraindications and side effects. Facial expression is maintained, your own collagen and elastin synthesis is improved for skin elasticity. I have been using RECHIOL in my work for a long time, my clients are satisfied.
      Camila Schneider is the leading cosmetologist of the Swiss rejuvenation center Versua Clinic
      The effectiveness of  RECHIOL has  been confirmed by clinical studies
      Clinically proven results  after 4 weeks of use


      Straightened wrinkles


      Tight and tight skin


      Formation of clear facial contours


      Even and bright skin tone
      Medical center for skin problems

      Only 4 weeks until your transformation
      1 week
      The active components of the cream penetrate deep into the skin, reach the facial muscles and relax them by blocking nerve impulses in the tissues. At the same time, the facial expression is not relaxed.
      You look 10 years younger. Only in one month!
      At 46, I look like 30 thanks to RECHIOL
      No dress or hairstyle will decorate a woman if her face is not radiant with beauty and youth. Wrinkles cannot be covered with cosmetics. For many years, RECHIOL cream has helped me stay young. Unlike plastic surgery and Botox injections, RECHIOL does not change facial expression, which is so necessary in my work, so I am at peace with my face. It is very important for me that wrinkles do not appear anymore and I do not look according to my real age
      Kate Brown
      Actor, TV presenter
      RECHIOL  is the choice of women all over the world!
      Feedback from already rejuvenated women:
      Asmat Labadze is 41 years old
      I can’t say I’m old, but you know, the wrinkles have become too noticeable. And I’m afraid to try those botox injections because I’m not sure my face will be fine after using them. My friend, she is a cosmetologist, told me about RECHIOL serum. So I ordered from the website and paid after delivery. I didn’t even expect that a cosmetic product could give such a result – after 2 weeks, the wrinkles began to smooth out and the face tightened.
      Gulnara Tkebuchava is 36 years old
      I have always loved to laugh. I don’t know if it’s true that laughter makes you live longer, but one thing is for sure – it makes wrinkles appear. These harmless mimic wrinkles become deeper and deeper over time. This is not funny at all. I have been using RECHIOL for almost a month now and my wrinkles have really become less noticeable. I recommend it!
      Eter Beshkenadze is 62 years old
      I’m always looking for the perfect product for my skin, so I’m always using new products. Recently, I stopped my choice on RECHIOL cream. Look at the photos — it’s like I’m 10 years younger! “Crow’s feet” and wrinkles around the lips disappeared as if they were never there. I think I finally found the right facial product. And what’s nice is that it’s cheap. I will take a new course in a month.
      How to use RECHIOL correctly 
      Clean your face of make-up and/or dirt and dry with a towel.
      Shake well before use.
      Apply the cream on the face, neck and décolleté area.
      Leave until completely absorbed.

      Use RECHIOL rejuvenating cream  instead of other cosmetic care products.
      how we work
      Fill out  the order  form
      Wait for  a call  from the operator  to confirm your order
      Advance payment is not required, pay the amount of the order when you bring it
      Get your youth back without injection or plastic surgery by ordering  RECHIOL
      Amazing results  after 1 month  of use
      • corrects  wrinkles
      • Stretches  the contour of the face
      • synthesizes  its own collagen  and elastin
      • Restores elasticity to the skin 
      • The effect lasts  for a long time








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