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Matcha Slim   Description:

Dietary Supplement. Ingredients: maltodextrin, matcha tea leaf extract, citric acid extract, spirulina extract. How to use: 1 portion/day. Mix 1 teaspoon with a glass (150 ml) of hot water until complete dissolution.

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Matcha Slim slimming drink is a natural supplement that takes care of your health. It helps people lose weight, its ingredients are safe and can be taken at any age, this treatment has no rebound effect, is not addictive, and best of all, it can be bought in Chile and paid in cash on delivery.

at the moment; Excess weight is a problem faced by a large part of the population, and although there is a lot of information available on how to lose weight, there are people who cannot achieve it on their own or find it very difficult. for this reason; Drinking a Matcha Slim drink can make the time needed to lose weight short, so; Feel free to try all the benefits this drink has to offer you.

Benefits of Matcha Slim

Matcha Slim Chile What is its purpose?

Table of contents  [ Ocultar ]

  • 1  Matcha Slim Chile What is its purpose?
  • 2  Benefits of Matcha Slim
  • 3  How Matcha Slim works
  • 4  Ingredients Matcha Slim
  • 5  Matcha Slim How to consume
  • 6  Contraindications for Matcha Slim
  • 7  Matcha Slim Price Chile
  • 8  Matcha Slim Where can you buy it in Chile? Is it available in pharmacies?
  • 9  Matcha Slim in Chile – mercadolibre
  • 10  Matcha Slim Reviews

Matcha Slim is a nutritional supplement used for weight loss in men and women, so; It is a treatment that anyone can take, even the elderly. With this product, you can reduce appetite, control cravings for sweets, improve metabolism, and get rid of swelling, fluid retention, and toxins that hinder the body.

next to; This is a natural product that can help people even if they have diabetes or high blood pressure. Its main function is to allow the body to use body fat as an energy source, and these in turn can be eliminated from the body in a natural way, through the formation of glycogen. In addition; Matcha Slim drink helps get rid of fat deposits in the body and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

finally; As a result, people will get: better energy during the day, increased self-esteem, stimulated immune system, sustained weight loss, fat burning, reduced measurements, reduced fatigue and exhaustion. by; Matcha Slim Slimming Drink is truly a one-size-fits-all option.

Benefits of Matcha Slim

The benefits of Matcha Slim natural drink are as follows:

Weight loss

It gives energy and increases self-esteem

Reduces fatigue and exhaustion

Activates metabolism and improves digestion

Burn fat even while you sleep

Strengthens the immune system

Suppresses appetite

Removes toxins from the body

Eliminates fluid retention

In general; All these benefits are perceived from the first month of consumption. Matcha Slim is a drink based on herbs and natural ingredients that make the ideal combination to activate the metabolism and stimulate fat loss in men and women.

How Matcha Slim Works

Matcha Slim powder drink is a product that works by eliminating all toxins, toxic waste, fluid retention and inflammation from the body, which is why; In its first phase, it is important to prepare the body for weight loss and; This is done by purifying or detoxifying the body.

Next; The body will feel lighter and the metabolism will begin to perform its functions correctly, which means that; Food is processed properly and the fat that we have accumulated in the body will begin to be used as a source of energy during the day. In other words; All the energy we spend during the day will be used from the fat reserves that our body has.

Finally; People will feel a reduction in appetite, they will have more energy, the immune system will increase and the skin will begin to look much healthier and even the appearance of cellulite will be reduced. So; The results will be seen on the scale, losing weight, fluid and fat, which concludes that people will improve their body composition; looking more defined, slimmer and with a lower percentage of fat.

Matcha Slim Components

The components of the matcha Slim drink are natural; They have an ancient formula that has helped many people improve their health, lose weight and raise their self-esteem. Among its main ingredients are:

Matcha Green Tea Extract:  it is known worldwide for all its anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates toxins from the body, contains a high percentage of antioxidants, chlorophyll and l-theanine, prevents premature aging, gives energy and eliminates body fat.

Spirulina Extract:  reduces fluid retention, improves digestion, eliminates toxins and balances hormones.

Citric acid:  improves intestinal flora, activates metabolism, suppresses appetite.

Seaweed and Horsetail Extract:  reduces swelling, cleanses the body, increases productivity, improves the condition of the skin and hair.

Flax Extract:  blocks the absorption of carbohydrates, helps maintain satiety for longer, controls appetite, provides fiber to the body.

Matcha Slim Form of Consumption

The way to prepare the Matcha Slim drink is easy; Take a tablespoon of the product and dissolve it in a cup of water at the temperature you prefer. You should take it every day in the morning and at night, preferably before meals. Certainly; This treatment is not accompanied by a special diet, but; We suggest people eat a much more ketogenic type of diet, where real food is prioritized, reducing the consumption of flour, sugar, fried foods and packaged foods; consuming much more protein.

In other words; Eating intuitively, eliminating foods that inflame us or harm us, will be the best combination for the product to take effect much faster. Which means that; If a person does not pay attention to the foods he consumes, the process may take a little longer, but in general the Matcha Slim slimming drink has a high degree of effectiveness, which is why; It is recommended for people of all ages.

Matcha Slim Contraindications

The formula of Matcha Slim powder is natural; It is made with carefully selected ingredients and effective percentages, so that this product is of high quality and that people can see benefits from the first month they take it. Matcha Slim drink has no contraindications or side effects; It is suitable for consumption by men and women, young people and even older adults who are trying to lose weight.

In that sense; It is important to clarify that if you are exclusively breastfeeding or pregnant, you should not consume the product before consulting with your doctor or our advisors. In addition; We suggest people share the information about this product with all those who may need it, because it can be an extraordinary help for those who struggle with being overweight.

Following this order of ideas; Matcha Slim drink has no side effects, does not cause addiction, has no rebound effect, is safe, is reliable, is recommended and is real. So; It is a natural supplement with recommendations in Chile and other countries; Try it and tell us the experiences you have had with this product.

Matcha Slim Price Chile

The price of Matcha Slim powder is 34,990 pesos in Chile; The payment method available for this product is cash on delivery and orders can be placed through the website where you must fill out a small form and they will quickly contact you by telephone to confirm the order information.

At the moment; People are suffering a lot from overweight problems, not only because it affects their self-esteem, but also increases the risk of suffering from other types of diseases. Which; It can be risky and this is the main reason why people should seek help when they feel like they can’t achieve their goals alone. This product can make your path much easier.

Matcha Slim Price Chile

It is true that; There are people who want to lose weight, but they are very indecisive when it comes to making a decision and time can work against them, since; The sooner you start the treatment, the sooner you will be able to experience results. Just answer this question: do you need to lose weight in a healthy and safe way? If the answer is yes, then; Make the decision today to buy the Matcha Slim product.

Matcha Slim Where to Buy in Chile Is it available in pharmacies?

To complete your order; The procedure is quick, you just have to access the website and request a call by filling out the order form with your name and your cell phone number. During office hours you will receive a call from one of the sales advisors, who will be in charge of talk to you about the product and explain the promotions available at the moment, you can confirm the order immediately to proceed to send it to your home.

As we have mentioned; The payment is cash on delivery, so people will be able to pay for the product at the time of delivery, there is high delivery coverage in most cities in the country and; Normally shipments usually take 2 to 7 business days, so customers must be very attentive to receive their package.

In that same order of ideas; The Matcha Slim drink is not sold in Farmacias de Chile, so the order is made only under the manufacturer’s website, Matcha Slim Farmacia Cruz Verde is not available, then we will leave you the purchase button where you can place the order and receive the completely original product. If you need to lose weight, for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to give this supplement a try.

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Matcha Slim in Chile – mercadolibre

Regarding the natural supplement Matcha Slim; The product that is sold exclusively on its website is not sold on portals known as mercadolibre, so in order to obtain it, you simply have to access its page by clicking on any of the purchase buttons that you will find throughout this review.

Finally; We encourage you to share this information on social networks, and also if you have used this product, also share your experience with others so that others can learn about this supplement and benefit from all its slimming properties.

Each person has a special reason why they want to lose weight, and no matter what it is; We want to highlight that a natural product like the Matcha Slim supplement is also very helpful; It is easy to acquire and has no health contraindications, which is a powerful reason for many more people to be able to take it and access its benefits.

Matcha Slim Reviews

Reviews, opinions, comments and testimonials for any product; Even the Matcha Slim supplement motivates others to buy and take it. by; We want to talk about this topic specifically and tell people that this supplement, although it is new on the market, has good references from people who have taken it. It is a favorite among young people and adults, has a good flavor, and is easy to digest. Delivers what it promises.

summary; Among the comments that we found on social networks, we saw messages from people of all ages indicating their experience with consuming this product, as it was very good in 90% of cases, and this motivated many people to buy the product and share your progress.

finally; Among the most frequent messages are from people who lost between 5 to 7 kilograms of weight during the first month of consumption. For some people, it may be a low number, while for others it may be an unusual number. In any case; It is the normal average that we found among real people who consumed the product.

Instantní nápoj Matcha Green Tea

Po týdnu pití tohoto čaje:
  • Snížení chuti k jídlu
  • Zlepšení spánku
  • Celkové zpevnění těla


Po měsíci pití tohoto čaje:
  • Zlepšení trávení
  • Zrychlení metabolismu sacharidů
  • Obnovení funkce nervové soustavy

Nadváha a toxiny jsou příčinou špatného zdraví
Jeden šálek Matcha Slim denně:
  • Zlepšuje náladu a výkon

    Matcha Slim obsahuje ingredience, které zlepšují kognitivní funkce, zmírňují úzkosti a deprese

  • Zlepšení trávení a spánku

    Matcha Slim má jedinečné složení, které odstraňuje tukové zásoby a toxiny, automaticky normalizuje trávení a díky tomu má pozitivní vliv na kvalitu spánku

  • Udržuje pleť pevnou a čistí tělo od toxinů

    Antioxidanty pomáhají čistit pleť zevnitř, minimalizují riziko vzniku strií. Kromě toho pomáhají detoxikovat tělo rychle a bezpečně.

Konzumace Matcha Slim vám může pomoci zhubnoutbez pravidelného a namáhavého cvičení
Jeden šálek čaje nebo dvě hodiny cvičení v posilovně ?

2 šálky Matcha Slim denně
  • Průměrný úbytek 11 kg
  • Po dokončení kúry zhubnete dalších 3-5 kg

24 tréninku měsíčně
  • Průměrný úbytek 7 kg
  • Po dokončení tréninku 6 měsíců lidé přibrali 4-8 kg zpět.
 Testováno vědci
Studie provedené ve výzkumném ústavu Lidského zdraví prokázaly:
Jedna kúra s Matcha Slim nahradí dvě hodiny pravidelného cvičení

Studie zahrnovala 97 lidí různého věku a pohlaví, a skupina, která užívala Matcha Slim, měla lepší a konzistentnější výsledky než skupina, která cvičila.

Zbavte se nadváhy s Matcha Slim
Jedinečná kombinace ingrediencí v Matcha Slim pomáhá:
  • odstraňovat z těla toxiny
  • zrychlovat metabolismus
Po 4 týdnech s Matcha Slim bude vaše tělo schopné
udržet si stabilní hmotnost díky blokování hromadění dalších tuků


1 týden
Nervová soustava se vrací do normálu

Přestanete jíst kvůli stresu

2 týdny
Odstranění toxinů z těla

Škodlivé látky v těle způsobují selhání vnitřních orgánů a vedou k přibírání na váze.

3 týdny
Zrychlení metabolismu sacharidů

Nebojte se jíst trochu víc. Vaše tělo přemění všechny kalorie na energii, ne na tuk.

4 týdny
Upevnění výsledků

Je na čase změnit šatník. Budete potřebovat oblečení o zhruba 2 velikosti menší.



Proč je Matcha Slim lepší, než ostatní produkty na hubnutí?

Matcha Slimm je variantou zeleného čaje matcha, který se připravuje speciální fermentací. Je obohacen o další přírodní ingredience.

Jde o kompletně bezpečný nápoj, který nejen spaluje tuky, ale také pomáhá normalizovat funkce střev, zrychluje metabolismus a vede ke zdravému hubnutí.

První výsledky užívání


uvidíte už během prvního týdne!



Nemáme co skrývat! Složení neobsahuje nic škodlivého

je vitamín skupiny B, který má pozitivní vliv na vývoj a produkci protilátek a také na metabolismus energie


je derivát vitamínu A. Je nezbytný pro zdravé oči a pleť a má prokazatelně omlazující účinky.


je aminokyselina, která se nachází v zeleném čaji. Snižuje psychický stres, zlepšuje kognitivní funkce a pomáhá proti menstruačním bolestem.


jsou přírodní fenoly se silnými antioxidačními účinky. Díky jejich vlastnostem aktivně bojují proti tukovým zásobám.


je rostlinný pigment, který dává nápoji Matcha jeho zelenou barvu. Snižuje rizikové faktory spojené s obezitou a reguluje hlad.

Citronový extrakt

je nezbytný pro správné fungování imunitního systému a regeneraci tělesných tkání


Udělejte první krok ke zdravému tělu
Ideální dávkování pro efektivní a udržitelný účinek Matcha Slim je jeden šálek dvakrát denně před jídlem.
Kromě toho tento nápoj velmi snadno připravíte:
1. Rozpusťte lžičku Matcha Slim ve 150 ml vařící vody.
2. Nechejte nápoj louhovat 5-7 minut, potom můžete vypít.
Zdravé hubnutí bez triků
Testováno našimi zákazníky

Anna, 45 let, manažerka

Celý život jsem měla krásnou postavu. Teď jsem ale vlivem věku přibrala a nepodařilo se mi zhubnout díky pravidelnému cvičení a dietě. Respektive jsem zhubla, ale velmi pomalu a rychle jsem vše nabrala zpátky, často ještě více.
Začala jsem hledat informace online a zjistit, jak se dostat zpět do formy, jakou jsem měla před 40, a narazila jsem na články o Matcha Slim. Všechno jsem si důkladně pročetla a rozhodla jsem se to zkusit.
Výsledky předčily moje očekávání. Nyní vypadám lépe, než když mi bylo 20 let.

890 Kč
1780 Kč
Do konce měsíce je 50% sleva na aktuální várku Matcha Slim







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